Stickley/Morris recliner

I am a trained Interior Designer, but have never practiced the craft.  I am drawn to interior architecture by the interplay of color, texture, furniture and stage setting.  I am most fascinated by furniture closely followed by fabric.  I am  at work in the manshed/Sprite site/carriage house plying my skills.  Things are moving along, and as in all labors of love, at a leisurely pace.  I am restoring an old rocking chair of unknown origin or history that has sat in plain sight and out of mind for over 10 years.  Last month I “discovered” it, sitting in the wreckage of the greenhouse (more on that later).  “Hummm”, I thought, “That would look pretty good here in the manshed.  Replace the very dated fabric upholstery, clean off the finish since it is starting to disintegrate anyway and see what we have!”  It is maple which means that it does not take kindly to staining, but stained it shall become.  The seating will be replaced with shearling.  Remember, this is going into a MANshed.  It will be stained with Minwax Jacobean, meaning it will be dark.  I had considered a black lacquer, but decided on the stain even though I know it will come out splotchy.

But what I really want is a chair for my indoor study.  Specifically I want a Stickley/Morris/Mission style recliner.  Not a new one.  Oh no, but one with some miles on it.The originals were made with white oak and had leather-covered cushions.  That is what I am looking for.  The color of the leather is of little consequence.  The originals were made in the mid 1860’s by William Morris from a prototype owned by Ephraim Colman in England.  However, Gustav Stickley began making the chair using the Morris design in the early 1900’s.

Gustav Stickley

I have been looking for a chair for a several years.  I found one a few years ago, but the price buckled my knees.  I belive that I may have to build my own.  The design is not challenging, I believe my skills are up to it, but I know it will be frustrating.  I would a lot rather be sitting in one in my study, reading and sipping an adult beverage than in the manshed breathing sawdust, and throwing a ball for MacGuffin.

So folks, if you happen to have one in your attic that is looking for a home, please keep me in mind.