My wife and I are off to Wyoming for a few days to say hello to my lovely mother, see relatives and good friends.  We are planning on cooking some wonderful food, drink some good wine, see spectacular scenery and stay warm.  It takes two hours to fly from San Antonio, Texas to Denver, Colorado, but around 5 hours to drive from Denver to Newcastle, Wyoming.

We will be stopping in Ft. Collins, Colorado to shop the Whole Foods store for groceries as Newcastle is a little limited in selections that my lovely wife deems necessary for ingredients.  She is a wonderful cook and demands that everything be as fresh as possible.  I know that Newcastle Pot Roast  and salmon are on the menu.  I see that she has printed out a recipe for baked oatmeal as well.

My challenge is to get everything that I want to take for the trip into one small duffel and one back pack.  I believe that I am up to the challenge however.  I secretly tested my concept while she is out.  We normally need to take a station wagon to carry all the stuff that we drag along.  This time we decided to pack like nomads.  Time will tell if it worked.

The toughest part is selecting clothes for a totally different ecosystem.  Tomorrow San Antonio will have a high of 81 degrees, Newcastle, Wyoming will have a high of maybe 38?  I don’t know if I own enough clothes to keep warm when it is 6 degrees.

I expect that the next posting will have  pictures.  Although I can tell you that we will be seeing Devils Tower, the Black Hills, Deadwood and Custer State Park with all of its’ buffalo and assorted critters.

Devils Tower