News from the Man Shed

Triumph scrambler

I have worked on three things the last few weeks.  The first is to get over being sick so that I can breathe again without coughing.  The second is to finish work on levelling and stabilizing the back porch.  The third and most tiring is to understand the mechanics of this blog.  It has become so frustrating that I have resisted the wish to post pictures and communicate.  I seem able to do one or the other, but not both.  At least not well.  I’m a visual oriented person so I try to add color to a black and white world.  I like to add exciting, colorful pictures that add to the narrative.  This format is discouraging me in doing so.  This is the third attempt at adding graphics to my post.  I shall try again.  1930 Blower Bentley…NOT WORKING