I am still here, but busy.

58AH Sprite

58AH Sprite (Photo credit: cjzurcher)

I am still here, but full time employment has cut into postings.  Thank you to all who follow these for not giving up.  I will not promise to do better, but hopefully the ones that do get posted will be fun and entertaining.

So, what is new?  I have pretty much finished the Sprite Site/Man cave to the acclaimation of my man friends.  With some time on my hands to focus on other projects, my eye fell on the poor neglected Bugeye Sprite.  Pavement had not passed benethe his wheels for going on two years.  Quietly and patiently he as waited for some attention.  The bonnet (hood in American) has been lashed to the rafters so that all the bits and pieces that make it loud and work could be observed and fiddled with.  Late last week I made the decision that it should be put in place and the car driven.  The reason for the renewed interest in getting it back on the road was that I have become infatuated with FIAT‘s new little car the 500.  I became really excited when they introduced the ABARTH 500.  I looked at the price, performance and availability of the little skate and realized that I had something even more special asleep in my back yard.  The SPRITE!  So now I have been motivated to get the little rascal running.

Now the fly in the ointment.

Seems that during the spring, due to my in activity and neglect, a Wren couple noticed that the hood, suspended from the rafters, seemed to have been neglected.  I  surmise that this happened after I pulled out all of their carefully placed leaves, sticks and building material out of my wall hanging bin for bolts, nuts and washers.

Anyway, I did notice, a few weeks ago, that leaves, sticks and building material had been placed in the grill section of above mentioned bonnet.  However, in my enthusiasm for getting the bonnet back on the chassis of the Sprite, I did not notice that the space had become occupied, by squatters, no less.  I was in the process of re-installing hinge hardware when I started to remove this mass of debris.  In short order, a little brown bird, tail flipped up, flitted to an opening in the exterior wall, turned and started giving me an incredible amount of grief regarding my thoughtless, hamhanded intrusion into its domestic space.

So, it looks like the earliest that the bonnet and chassis will be reunited is after the hatch and the fledglings have departed.  My lovely wife has emailed me the hatch and flegling timeline…