New from the Man Shed—“…Dragon Tattoo” bike

Honda CL350 built by Glory Motor Works via the blog THE SALVAGE YARD

This bike, a Honda CL 350 scrambler got me interested in the movie, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I like the design of the bike.  I was not aware that Honda made this particular model, having spent most of my time focused on English bikes.  THE SELVAGE YARD blog describes the rational in choosing this particular model that Glory Motor Works built.  Glory said that they would envision Lisbeth Salander, the hacker, as not having a lot of money to invest in a bike, and that this type of bike would address her transportation needs.

To my way of thinking they did an outstanding job.  I see this bike as a mirror of the spirit of Ms. Salander.  Minimalist, dark, dangerous, intelligent, foreboding, efficient.  My attention is caught by the handlebar shape, low, not ostentatious and purposeful.  The sweep of the handlebar draws my eyes to the lines defined by the duel exhaust with minimal dampening and wrapped with a heat absorbing material replacing visually disrupting metal heat shields that would normally be found.  Between the handlebar and the exhaust my eyes settle on the modified grand prix seat set behind the minimalist fuel tank.  The up kick at the rear of the seat reflects a connection to the stock saddles of the American West while retaining it’s European racing heritage.  This creates a nice juxtaposition of several cultures:  western American cowboy, rough off road racer, classic European road racer on a Japanese made motorcycle.
Other interesting items that I saw was that the front tire is a traditional knobby scrambler style while the rear tire has a smoother pavement gripping tread.  I don’t know why it is set up that way, but it would seem to me that the bike’s handling may be affected.
All in all I find it a fascinating bike and one that I would like to have share space in my little shed.

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